Baby Steps

Baby Steps!  

We were so overwhelmed in the beginning that I literally sat down and cried asking Yehovah what in the world we were to do.  We had failed so miserably and it seemed impossible for us to move forward.  I felt HIS loving arms around me as HE reminded me of the story of the StarFish, ONE AT A TIME.  Don't sweat the small stuff,  just do what you can today, don't look back, keep going because tomorrow is another day with a new starfish to save.  So we began our journey.  As we learn we do.  Do we butcher it, absolutely we do.  We have learned we don't know anything, except we LOVE our creator Yehovah, We adore our Savior Yeshua and we want to follow HIM! We do look at others following the Hebrew Roots Movement, Christian Denominations, Messianic Movement & even Judaism   We clearly do not follow them all.  Everything we learn we check it with scripture, with fear and trembling, with Yehovah!  We make the best sound decision for us, for this time we are in.  There are lots of traditions, some good, some ... well some are just traditions.  We try to keep in perspective what is from Yehovah and what is simply traditions of man, no matter how good of a tradition it is.  So, one day at a time one thing at a time, because it makes a difference.

Below we post nuggets in our baby step journey

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