God’s Appointed Times was founded by David Liebe and is a non-profit, non-denominational, inter-faith organization based in the lovely Blue Ridge Mountains of Boone, North Carolina, USA.

God’s Appointed Times is a Two House Messianic teaching ministry dedicated to helping believers obtain a full understanding of our Messiah Yahshuah (Jesus Christ) and His teachings. We do this through study of the Torah and teachings on our Biblical Heritage.

The goals of our ministry are to:


We believe that Yahshua’s return is at hand. We know Him as Lord, Saviour and King, but it is now time for His bride, the Believers, to know Him as their Jewish Groom.

God’s Appointed Times ministries supports the understanding that there are Two Houses in Israel that will be reunited. David has an excellent teaching on this truth. If you are currently a believer attending church you might be surprised about your roots. As David is fond of saying, “We know who you are!!”